General Rules

Please don't...

  • Channel takeovers, harassment or flooding are not tolerated.
  • No mass messaging, mass inviting or unsolicited advertising.
  • This server is NOT to be used for illegal purposes. (warez, porn, hacking, trojan, etc)
  • No personal abuse, racism, or inciting hatred.
  • No password sharing of nicknames or channels. (We will not be able to reinstate a nickname or channel to it's rightful owner if the password was shared)
  • Never give passwords to anyone claiming to be IRC Operators or Staff.


  • This server runs an Open Proxy/WinGate and Insecure HTTP detection monitor. Use of network services indicates consent to being scanned for by said service as a security measure.
  • If you see a port connection from P2PChat please disregard it, as it is the detector in action.


  • Hosts are limited to 3 connections. If you need more, please get in touch with an oper.
  • Individual channels and main rooms have their own respective rules in addition.
  • We voluntarily require users be at least 13 years old to use our chat services.