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1     #shareaza-french 13 +CfnrStT [20j#i5,20m#m5,7n#N5,6t]:10
Bienvenu(e) sur le salon IRC #shareaza-french || Web Chat : || pour plus d'informations/aide/faq sur shareaza consultez:
2     #shareaza-chat 10 +CfGnrtT [5c#C15,20j#R5,10k#K15,30m#M5,10n#N15,5t]:7
Welcome to Shareaza Chat! Get the latest version of Shareaza at ~ Check out our photo gallery: ~ New Pisg stats for 2018!:
3     #shareaza 8 +nrt
Welcome to #Shareaza :: Shareaza website @ :: Latest builds @ :: This is a low traffic channel. If you have a question, please ask and be patient. :: This channel is primarily English language
4     #p2pchat 6 +CfnrtT [5c#C15,20j#R5,10k#K15,30m#M5,10n#N15,7t]:7
Welcome to #P2PChat! Be sure to visit and send in your pictures!
5     #thebighack 5 +nrt
HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY, TBH!! The Owner Free Filesystem | OFFSystem 0.19.34 (stable) : Download : _Maintainer wanted_ | BlocksNet 0.10 (experimental) : Download at | Don't ask to ask, just ask | Be patient, we don't live in IRC
6     #shareaza-dev 5 +r
Shareaza's Devs Channel :: Site : :: Shareaza released.
7     #botpark 4  
8     #shareaza-portuguese 4 +nrt
#Shareaza-Portuguese@P2PChat Ir no canal principal quem souber inglês. ÷Wiki ÷Forum ÷Regras
9     #alternative 4 +nrt
can I get a hell yea !! No, no you cannot
10     #shareaza-italian 4 +nrt
Per la lingua italiana solo :: If you want to talk in English, please join #shareaza-chat ::
11     #trivia 3 +nrt
Welcome to IRCTrivia on P2PChat! Follow us and Use ~ for hint !start !stop
12     #radiosertanejotoop10 3 +nrt
****** Radio Sertanejo Toop 10 - A sua radio de sertanejo universitario, arrocha e modaos ****** Status: Online Pedidos: Ligado Avaliações: On Site:
13     #radiopassatempo 3 +nrt
***** Radio Passatempo - Aqui so toca o melhor pop nacional e internacional ****** Status: Online Pedidos: Ligado Avaliações: On Site:
14     #sharelin 3 +nrt
Sharelin: Creamy Goodness
15     #shareaza-arabic 2  
16     #razaops 2 +r
#RazaOps - Operators meet! ~ Encontro de Operadores! ~ Uma boa conversa resolve tudo, nao aplique bans, por motivo bobo. ~ A good conversation solves everything, bans do not apply by reason silly. Do not ban or mute other ops... EVER.
17     #passatempo 2 +nrt
[FServ OFF] [Jogos OFF] [Radio OFF] - Bem vindo ao canal #passatempo o canal de DOWNLOADS e JOGOS na Rede P2PChat digite !jogos para ver nossa lista de jogos e !ajuda para ver nossos topicos de ajuda e !comandos para ver comandos disponiveis!
18     #brasil 2 +nrt
Bem Vindo(a) ao #BRASIL <> Rede P2PChat <> Orgulho de ser Brasileiro! Vagas para operadores, PROCURE-NOS
19     #cebolinha 2 +nrt
#Cebolinha - P2PChat Suporte ao CeBoLiNhA Script <> Dúvidas? Fale com nossos Helpers (@) no canal ou em PVT. <> Versão v9.6 em NOVA VERSÃO NO AR!
20     #tanaweb 2 +nrt
(TanaWeb î e-mail Twitter @tanaweborg Server FC